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Geum incorporates public and proprietary data into project-specific spatial data models to evaluate site potential and to aid in project planning.  The power of GIS software, combined with our staff’s technical expertise allows us to combine data in ways that help us and our project partners understand the existing condition and future potential of a site while addressing project constraints and the interests of project stakeholders.  Geum maintains ESRI ArcGIS and AutoDesk CAD software and can develop analyses and geospatial workflows to inform project-specific feasibility and constraints, generate quantitative information, and prepare drawings and figures to support design, implementation and monitoring.

  • Inventory and ranking of potential projects using site-specific data to justify funding expenditures.

  • Alternative scenario development to assess the full range of options for a project and identify the alternative that meets project objectives while remaining within the project scope.

  • Feasibility analysis to identify project constraints such as existing infrastructure, land use and ownership, and flooding potential.

  • Cost estimates using spatial data pertaining to your project to identify materials quantities, treatment areas, earthwork volumes and more to inform project costs.


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