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An effective map is one of the most powerful and compelling ways to share your data, communicate with project partners, or admire the beauty of our western landscape.  Geum takes pride in developing clear and informative mapping products with an attention to detail that ensures your data and ideas will resonate with you and your audience.   Geum’s custom mapping products can support everything from technical project design and construction to advertising and outreach for your organization via high quality posters, brochures, and displays. We are always excited to work with a client to develop new approaches to convey complex information.

  • Custom maps developed with your input to illustrate everything from project design to your favorite stream or mountain.

  • Technical drawings and plansets developed to provide detailed information on project construction, treatments, and implementation techniques.

  • Property maps to show your land on recent aerial imagery or elevation hillshades, with or without supporting information like roads, streams and other political features.

  • 3D renderings provide photo-realistic displays of your ideas in the context of their environment

  • 3D prints let you hold high-resolution landscapes in your hand – great for art displays or promotional materials.

  • Large-format prints can help communicate your ideas to a meeting room full of people, provide information to the public, or hang on your wall as a piece of art.  Geum is capable of high resolution prints up to 4’W x 10’L.



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