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Geum’s staff has extensive experience collecting natural resource and infrastructural field data, and turning these data into informative maps to support a variety of applications.  Geum owns two Trimble GPS units capable of collecting field data with sub-meter accuracy, suitable for mapping vegetation patterns, weeds, stormwater infrastructure, roads infrastructure, parks and trails, land use, proposed project locations, and more.  Geum’s staff is thorough and detail oriented and can combine survey information and existing spatial data to develop resource inventories to establish a baseline and inform future projects and management actions.


  • Field data collection including natural resources, infrastructure and community resources with sub-meter accuracy.

  • Data correction, formatting and processing of raw field data to ensure spatial accuracy for display, attribution, or further analysis.

  • Data export in formats appropriate for your workflow and that facilitate data exchange between project partners using different software.

  • Data projection and coordinate conversion to ensure that your data is compatible with other datasets and supports accurate calculations of distance, area, and volume.

  • Quality assurance and quality control to ensure accurate spatial statistics and reporting.

  • Provide creative analysis of data that will support meaningful results for your intended usage. We can suggest ways to format, attribute, and display your data to make sure you get the most out of it.


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