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Geum Geospatial was developed as part of Geum Environmental Consulting, Inc., in recognition of our unique capacity to offer GIS services that extend beyond the scope of our current ecological services.  Our staff have expertise in geospatial analysis, cartography, and GIS management through work on large and small scale ecological restoration projects throughout the intermountain west.  We are excited to explore new ways to provide robust geospatial data services to our current and future clients.

Marisa Sowles

Marisa is a GIS Specialist with eleven years of experience using GIS software.  She has  experience conducting spatial analyses to support project development, managing and incorporating information from datasets into ArcGIS, and developing high quality maps for documents, plan sets and outreach.  Marisa has a M.S. in Water Resources.  She enjoys the outdoors while hiking, "triathalon-ing", nordic skiing and snowboarding.  

Jesse Wallace

Jesse is Geum's Senior GIS Analyst with ten years of professional experience. Jesse  specializes in spatial data analysis, and takes pride in communicating project objectives and results through high-quality cartographic products.  Jesse has been using  ESRI GIS software for close to 20 years and has additional experience with Idrisi, AutoCAD, and QGIS. Jesse has a M.S. in Geography from the University of Montana and is FAA certified for drone operation. While not in the office, Jesse maintains a tenuous grasp on his sanity while keeping up with his two young children.

Alyssa Gulley

Alyssa is a GIS Specialist focused on integrating AutoCAD and ArcGIS software tools to develop plan sets, aid in field data collection, document monitoring information, and conduct topographic analyses.  She also uses rendering software to develop images and 3D prints to display landscapes. Alyssa has a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Bio-Resources option and is an EIT. She enjoys growing food and exploring remote parts of the state while hunting. 

Tom Parker

Tom is an Ecologist focusing on floodplains and riparian areas. He helps guide project teams through ecological principals to develop design criteria that mesh with engineering work flows.

Tom, Amy and Sarah are project managers at Geum Environmental Consulting and incorprate GIS in almost every project to evaluate the landscape they are working in, convey information to clients and generate figures and summary data for reporting and long-term project monitoring. 

Amy Sacry

Amy works in the fields of fisheries and restoration ecology in western Montana.  She specializes in stream and floodplain restoration design and provides a leadership role on multi-disciplinary project teams.

Sarah Flynn

Sarah specializes in vegetation, wetland, and riparian assessments and monitoring. She develops revegetation plans that include treatments to address site-specific needs and challenges to restore ecological function.

For more information on Geum’s environmental consulting services, and to see some of the ways that we use GIS within our existing projects, please visit

Ecological Planning &

Restoration Services

Geum Geospatial is based out of Hamilton, MT in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley but that does not preclude us from working with you - wherever you are.



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