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  • Create high-resolution digital surfaces by turning your existing elevation data (LiDAR, bathymetry, field survey) into an appropriate data format that can facilitate further analysis and/or display.  We can create DEMs, Terrain Models, TINs, hillshades and more to suit your needs.

  • Identify subtle topographic variations not easily seen on the ground through hillshade generation or development of relative elevation surfaces that can tease out important topographic characteristics of the landscape.

  • Inundation models provide information that can inform project feasibility and design by helping you understand the relationship between your land and adjacent rivers or streams.

  • Contamination models can be developed from ground, water or air sampling data to create continuous surfaces that represent the extent of contaminants within or affecting your area of interest.

  • Calculate spatial statistics that can provide quantitative data on the relationship between features and their position on the landscape.

  • Elevation cross sections and profiles can be a simple and effective way of conveying elevation information for everything from a stream realignment to the grade of your favorite hiking path.

From small projects to subbasins, elevation data is one of the most informative tools for understanding a landscape.  Geum maintains a suite of powerful software that can be used to process and analyze existing Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), LiDAR and bathymetric point cloud data, and raw survey data to develop robust analyses and create compelling visual representations that can inform and enhance your workflow.  Our staff are experienced with real world applications of these data, including grading plan development, vegetation community composition and position on the landscape, contaminant depth analyses, river and stream hydrology and flood inundation depths, and the topographic relationship between ecologically significant features.

Geum also owns and operates a Phantom 4 Pro drone which can collect high-resolution elevation data for smaller-scale projects where existing elevation data is unavailable or available in a resolution that is insufficient for your project purposes.  Click here for more information on our drone and its capabilities.

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