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  • High-resolution orthoimagery can provide documentation of existing site conditions such as infrastructure, vegetative cover, and land use. 

  • Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) derived from aerial imagery provide accurate elevation information, topography, vegetation canopy cover and more.

  • Project documentation to capture the progress of your project from start to finish with repeatable flights that can capture baseline conditions, project implementation, and the completed project.

  • Monitor changes in landscapes over time with high-resolution imagery and elevation data, and generate a long-term dataset to support adaptive management.

  • Calculate volumes of materials or water storage. Elevation data collected by our drone can be used to calculate the volume of a gravel pile or tell you how much water a reservoir will hold.

  • Marketing, education and outreach through stunning aerial imagery and high-definition video to bring your property or project to life for your clients, students, or friends.

Drone data collection is a flexible and cost-effective way to capture high-resolution aerial imagery, high-definition video, and topographic data.  From evaluating project site potential to documenting construction progress and post-project conditions, to simply capturing beautiful footage of your personal property or favorite stream, Geum’s FAA-certified operators can provide a range of custom data products to suit your needs. 

Bitterroot River

Bitterroot River

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